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Microsoft CRM 2011 – raising the bar on CRM

There has been a big buzz in the technology industry about the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The software giants have taken great steps to improve the sales and marketing tool and along with the introduction of cloud hosting they have really taken the pain and cost out of using a dedicated CRM solution.

What is it?

Put simply, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a multi-lingual Customer Relationship Management software package. Out of the box, the product focuses mainly on Sales, Marketing and Service (help desk) sectors, but Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been encouraging partners to use its proprietary (.NET based) framework to customize it to meet many different demands.
For further information have a look at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM website (

What can I use it for?

• Sales
• Improve your sales planning and management
• Automate your lead system
• Streamline account management
• Marketing
• Manage your data effectively
• Pinpoint your marketing efforts
• Extend value with Microsoft Office
• Customer Service
• Enhance customer service with insightful, actionable intelligence
• Simplify contract management
• Get the right information at the right time

What does it cost? 

Due to the power of cloud hosting you can experience the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for as little as £22.75* a month per user. The cloud takes away any server and bandwidth costs associated with similar packages. Microsoft will even let you experience a 30-day free trial!
You also have a dedicated community of developers and users that can help with any questions you may have. No need for a costly phone call to Microsoft support!

How can Connexion help?

Connexion is a Microsoft Gold Partner with years of development experience in the .NET based framework. Our overall knowledge of the Microsoft product portfolio combined with our development skills of the .NET framework and expertise in online based solutions makes us ideally placed to discuss your requirements and your potential solutions.

What do I do next?

Simply get in contact with us ( and let us know what your requirements are. We’d be happy to sit and meet with you and discuss how we can help with your sales, marketing and customer service strategy.

Rob Leverton

Rob has worked as an IT technician and project manager with Connexion for 14 years before moving into his current role as head of the technical services team.

Although Rob comes from a technical background he’s very much a people person and he is exceptionally good at building excellent working relationships with our customers and his technical team to deliver service excellence to our clients.

Rob Leverton

James Stratton

James is passionate about technology and how it can transform business.  Having worked with hundreds of businesses in many different sectors over the last 25 years he has a huge amount of business IT knowledge that he enjoys imparting to Connexions customers.

James is responsible for Connexions strategic development and also still enjoys a role in consulting and sales and marketing